COVID-19 Updates and Resources
from the Presbytery of St. Augustine

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Guidance on ReopeningThe CARES Act and Your ChurchWorship Resources
Caring For Each Other and OurselvesEducation ResourcesTechnology Resources

Latest Updates and Resources

FEMA Funeral Support for COVID – Documentation from FEMA / Informational Flyer for Churches (added 4/16/2021)
CDC Guidance regarding Activities of Fully Vaccinated Adults (added 3/11/2021)
CDC Interim Guidance for Administrators and Leaders of Community- and Faith-Based Organizations (added 5/23/2020 / updated February 2021)
COVID Act Now – Realtime COVID Risk and Vaccine Tracker (added 3/11/2021)

Prayers for Marking a Year of COVID-19: Free Coloring Pages from Illustrated Ministry (added 3/11/2021)

(The resource below are from Lisa Allgood, Presbytery of Cincinnati and may be applicable to our situation)

The Top Five Mistakes We’ll Make “Going Back” (added 3/11/2021)
Understanding COVID “Bubbles” (added 2/26/21)
COVID Resources and Links (a variety of links to current research) (added 2/26/21)
Facts on COVID to use with Sessions (added 2/26/21)
Guidance on Church Opening and Closing (added 2/26/21)
Understanding mRNA and Other Vaccines (added 2/26/21)
COVID Vaccines (added 1/22/21)

Zoom video link“Viruses, Vaccines, and Variants – Oh My” (contact Communications staff for passcode) (from 2/22/21)


Comprehensive Resources on the PCUSA Website
COVID-19 Resources for Churches and Individuals

Guidance on Reopening

Hurricane Preparedness During a Pandemic – from FLAPDAN (added 5/29/2020)

CDC Interim Guidance for Administrators and Leaders of Community- and Faith-Based Organizations (added 5/23/2020 / updated February 2021)

Who Risk Assessment Guide for Religious Organizations Mass Gatherings (link updated 5/28/2020)

CDC Decision Tool Guidelines – linked below are documents designed to provide guidance on the decision making process of reopening in the face of coronavirus (added 5/15/2020)

Returning to Church (from the PCUSA) – these guidelines from the PCUSA offer a provisional timeline for resuming public worship and additional resources (Added 5/8/2020)

Insurance Board COVID-19 Resources and Legislation – Numerous loss prevention / control resources (Updated PDF 6/26/2020)

Center for Disease Control (CDC) Guidance on Conditions for Reopening Churches (Added 5/1/2020)

Returning to Church – a thoughtful and thorough resource for ministry during the pandemic and published by the Wisconsin Council of Churches (Added 5/1/2020)

24 Questions Your Church Should Answer Before People Return (Added 4/24/2020)

The CARES Act and Your Church

COVID-19 Related Legislation Review: A Guide for Presbyterian Churches and Ministries (Added 4/16/2020)

Critical Decisions for COVID-19 as a Church Employer – Webinar Recording (Added 4/10/2020)

Email to Pastors and Session Clerks about the CARES Act (Added 4/2/2020)

Paycheck Protection Program

Worship Resources

May is Mental Health Month PowerPoint Slides – Slides to include in your Zoom worship, perhaps at the beginning of Sunday worship as your congregants log into your Zoom worship.  Can also be incorporated into YouTube videos. Format can be modified easily to support your individual needs.

Online Worship Opportunities within the Presbytery of St. Augustine
(see links to numerous Worship resources on the PCUSA website)

The PC(USA) Office of Theology and Worship has developed guidelines for Communion in an Emergency / Pandemic. (PDF download)

The worship Committee of Highlands United Presbyterian Church and Rev. David Lee share their guidelines for Sharing a Virtual Communion Service. (PDF download)

Caring for Each Other and Ourselves

Mental Health Month Resources (From Comfort My People Initiative – Added 5/8/2020)

Mental Health Month Resources from PC(USA) Mental Health Ministry (General and COVID-19 Specific – Added 5/8/2020)

COVID-19 Mental Health Resources

Education Resources

Association of Presbyterian Church Educators – Remote Ministry Resources (Added 5/15/2020)

Remote Faith Formation… For the Long Haul: A resource for faith formation ministries during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond

Miscellaneous Technology Resources

Presbytery ZOOM Quick Start Guide – A guide to get started using ZOOM for virtual meetings, worship and other gatherings (Added 4/16/2020)

Online Giving through Presbyterian Foundation – If you’d like to talk to someone about setting up Online Giving for your congregation, click here for the contact information for our Ministry Relations Officer (Added 4/16/2020)