Disaster Preparation and Assistance Commission

The St. Augustine Disaster Preparation and Assistance Commission (SAPDAC) is authorized to take such measures as may be necessary to respond to a disaster occurring within the bounds of the presbytery, including applications for emergency funding (including longer term recovery funding) through Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA). The work includes: developing communication chains within the presbytery and with the Florida Presbyterian Disaster Assistance Network; developing an “immediate response protocol”; providing churches with information that will enable them to develop their own emergency response plans; and providing resources for recovery work after an incident.

Florida Presbyterian Disaster Assistance Network (FLAPDAN) – October 2021 Update
Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA)

Downloadable Resources

County Emergency Preparedness Websites

Alachua County
Columbia County
Clay County
Duval County / Duval County Emergency Preparedness Guide
Flagler County / Flagler County Emergency Preparedness Guide
Leon County
Marion County
St. Johns County
Suwanee County

SAPDAC Commission Members

Hunter Camp (TE), Chair

Jeff Beebe (TE)
Kaley Behl (RE)
Hunter Camp (TE)
Charles Freeman (TE)
Marcia Graham (TE)
Jennifer Hallberg (TE)
Julie Higbee (TE)
Holly Dillon Inglis (TE)
Walk Jones (TE)
James Kendrick (TE)
Rhonda Link-Cummings (TE)
Jess McCrosky (TE)
Robert McCrary (RE)
Nita Williams (RE)
Sandra Hedrick (TE), Clerk of Commission