Presbytery Support Team Committee

Presbytery Support Team Committee. This committee, whose members shall be appointed by the Coordinating Council, shall have at least 12 and no more than 21 members and shall elect its own chair or co-chairs. It is the successor to the “Care and Reconciliation Team” (whose members are appointed to this committee upon adoption of this Fall 2022 revision to the Manual of Operations) and the prior “Crisis Response Team.” Its members may be called on by the Coordinating Council or the Call Commission to serve as listeners, caregivers, mediators, problem solvers, counsellors, and in other ways for the benefit of our congregations, sessions, and other groups and relationships within the presbytery. The committee may be called on to respond to crisis, to disasters (in coordination with the St. Augustine Presbytery Disaster Assistant Commission), and to situations and issues that may be addressed without or before the election of an administrative commission.

Presbytery Support Team
Barbara Darby, Chair

Craig Davies (TE)
Ann Graham-Johnson (TE)
Karen Hardesty (RE)
Barbara Bishop (RE)
Barbara Darby (RE)
Ruth Elswood (TE)
Marcia Graham (TE)
Robert Browning (RE)