Resources for Vital Congregations

Office of Vital Congregations in the Presbyterian Church

The purpose of the Vital Congregations Initiative is to work alongside leaders of existing congregations continually assessing, discerning and living into faithful actions that increase vitality through intentional spiritual practices that take them deeper into following Jesus Christ, so that their own lives are changed, congregations are transformed, and the mission of God spreads throughout particular communities and the world.

Vital Congregations: Digital Series

To learn more about the Vital Congregations Initiative contact the presbytery office to be connected to one of our Vital Congregations Facilitators.

Eight Habits of Evangelism

This resource identifies and explores eight habits of faith, which invite the reader on a journey into the love of God, the lives of our neighbors, and the transformation of creation. As we become more like Christ, we are a people of radical inclusion, generosity, and justice. Through our worship, sacraments, community, prayer, and teaching, lives are being formed and transformed in ways that are the visible and audible signs of the reign of God. The community of faith is designed to be seen, heard, and experienced as a representation of God’s reign and peace.
8 Habits of Evangelism website
8 Habits of Evangelism book (downloadable PDF)

Additional Resources of Interest

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