Coordinating Council

The Coordinating Council has the purpose of coordinating the work of the presbytery, its entities and staff, and to discharge any other responsibilities assigned to it by the presbytery. It meets on a monthly basis and adds called meetings to its calendar whenever necessary to address more urgent issues. It acts as a standing commission to implement operational decisions for the presbytery and to address matters that arise between meetings and require immediate attention. 

The Coordinating Council and the presbytery will ensure that all of the work of G-3.0307 takes place in one of the Coordinating Council committees or teams to the extent that it is not already a part of the responsibilities of a presbytery commission. 

The authority of the Coordinating Council may be further delegated to committees and teams so long as there is prudent and effective supervision of the exercise of authority and such delegation is permitted by the Book of Order. All actions taken by the Coordinating Council are reported to the presbytery at its next stated meeting, subject to the provisions of G-3.0109. 


Diane Wilson (TE)
Edd Norris (RE)

Clerk (Ex-Officio)
Sandra Hedrick (TE)
Relationship Coordination Director (Ex-Officio)
Chris Lieberman (TE)
Moderator Elect (Ex-Officio)
Joe Albright (TE)

Class of 2020 


Kristie Hall (RE)
Yvan Kelly (RE)
David Lee (TE)
Bill Hoff (TE)

Class of 2021


Patti Phillips (RE)
Paige Porter-Buhl (TE)
Joe Rigsby (TE)
Madeline Scales-Taylor (RE)

Class of 2022


Vickie Bossuot (TE)
Larry Green (TE)
Walk Jones (TE)
Suzi Lemen (RE)