Current and Emerging Ministries Committee

The Current and Emerging Ministries Committee will assess the effectiveness of achieving the stated values of the Presbytery of St. Augustine: relational, communal, and connected, outwardly focused, sharing the good news of Jesus Christ, ready to share resources and to develop energetic leadership. It will work with the Ministry and Mission Coordinator (ex-officio, voice, but without vote) to recommend specific actions to the Coordinating Council, which will enhance these values especially in the area of outward mission. In addition, this committee has the following purposes:

  • Overseeing the presbytery’s mission and outreach activities and serving as the primary access point for the presbytery’s mission partner organizations (including without limitation the Jamaica Ecumenical Mutual Mission, Montgomery Presbyterian Conference Center, and any new church or missional community starts), assuring that achievements, opportunities, issues and needs are effectively addressed and communicated to the Coordinating Council, either by the committee chair or by providing time on the Coordinating Council meeting agenda.
  • Overseeing and making recommendations to the Coordinating Council for the annual review of the First Gainesville College Ministry program that receives synod funding and the Highlands Regional Ministry Center that is a ministry of the presbytery.

The Current and Emerging Ministries Committee shall consist of nine members, including three Coordinating Council members (with one appointed as the chair or two co-chairs), a representative of the Montgomery Presbyterian Conference Center (the Director or – if no Director – another representative selected by the Trustees of the Montgomery Presbyterian Conference Center), the Moderator of the Presbyterian Women, the chair of the Mutual Mission Team, a representative of the Highlands Regional Ministry Center appointed by the Trustees, and the chairs of the Disaster Preparation and Assistance Commission (at least nine members), the Youth Ministry Team (eleven members), and the Church Vitality Team (six members). The teams shall elect their own chairs (and may elect vice-chairs). The Ministry and Mission Coordinator and the Communications Coordinator shall serve ex-officio but without vote.

Current and Emerging Ministries Committee

Vickie Bossout, Chair

Julie Higbee (TE)
Vickie Bossout (TE)
Daryl Mullee (RE)
Presbyterian Women
Geoff Spiegel (RE)
Highlands Regional Ministry Center
Bob Bell (RE)
Mutual Mission
Montgomery Center
Church Vitality Team
Hunter Camp (TE)
Youth Ministry Team Representative
Communications Coordinator
Ex Officio
Ministry and Mission Coordinator

Church Vitality Team

Vacant, Chair

Class of 2022
Kathy Ebener (RE)
Don Johnson (TE)
Class of 2023
Larry Graham-Johnson (TE)
Jennifer Hallberg (TE)
Class of 2024
John Booth (RE)

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