Employment Opportunities within the Presbytery of St. Augustine:

Added 10/19/2020 – Stated Supply Pastor, Part-time, Covenant Presbyterian Church, Gainesville, FL

Covenant Presbyterian Church is seeking a teaching elder to serve as our part-time stated supply pastor.  We are a loving and caring church family located Gainesville, with a congregation of 35 plus active members.  With the motto “Loving God by serving others,” we are a congregation blessed by the  Lord’s abundance, seeking to use all of our blessings in the service of Christ’s Kingdom in an active and diverse community outreach program.  We seek a pastor who has a love for Christ, community, and mission, who can help us to invite others to join us, and who will love and nurture our church family and the image of God within each of us.  Duties would include:

  1. conducting weekly worship, including sermon preparation and working with office and music staff to prepare bulletins and worship aids;
  2. moderating Session and Congregational meetings;
  3. preparing a brief letter for the monthly newsletter and brief Pastor’s Reports for each stated meeting of Session and for the annual report to the congregation;
  4. supporting a minimum of ten hours each week in the CPC office at regular times, of which at least two hours per week will be announced to the Congregation as open office hours;
  5. being available (by appointment) for pastoral visitation, consultation, or counseling; and
  6. responding, where possible, to emergency requests for visitation or referring needs to our Elder on Call.

Please call Elder John Tucker at 352-373-8552 or email cpc-clerk@cox.net.

Added 9/4/2020 – Ministry and Mission Coordinator, Presbytery of St. Augustine, Full-time

The Presbytery of St. Augustine is seeking a full-time Ministry and Mission Coordinator to implement the new Strategic Plan for 2020-2022.  This individual will seek to accomplish the strategic emphasis upon shared values by:

  • Fostering a sense of belonging and unity within the whole presbytery
  • Nurturing congregations and elders to their full potential
  • Building a communication system of trust and transparency
  • Continuing to help the Council lead strategically and thoughtfully
  • Ensuring mission implementation of the Presbytery

This new position will lead in developing an environment of team work and mission coordination within the Presbytery.  The qualified candidate is required to be a Minister of Word and Sacrament or Ruling Elder and have effective counseling and communication skills (good listener, bridge builder, influencer). The candidate should also be tech savvy, creative, flexible, adaptable and have a track record of demonstrating effective conflict management skills. This is a full-time position with benefits. The office will be in Jacksonville, Florida, but regional travel will be required on a regular basis.

Job Description / Ministry Information Form (MIF)

Please send applications (Statement of Faith and Personal Information Form, or similar materials for a Ruling Elder) to apply@staugpres.org.

Added 8/3/2020 – Stated Supply Pastor, Part-time, Mayport Presbyterian Church, Mayport, FL

Mayport Presbyterian Church (Jacksonville) is seeking a part-time stated supply pastor (about one-quarter time) to preach on Sunday, moderate the session, and provide pastoral care when needed. We are a small and faithful congregation in the heart of historic Mayport, tucked away on Palmer Street between the Mayport lighthouse and Singleton’s Seafood. We have extended Christian fellowship and care in our surrounding community since 1892. Our worship services on Sunday mornings have about 20 persons in attendance. If you are interested in finding out more about this opportunity, please contact Janice Strickland, Clerk of Session, at 904) 616-7657 or stricklandsmayport@bellsouth.net. You may also reach out to Janice to express your willingness to preach one or more Sundays during the period of this search. 

Presbyterian Church of Jasper, FL

The First Presbyterian Church of Jasper is currently seeking a part-time installed pastor to join us in worshipping God and showing God’s love through our words, actions and service. The congregation at First Presbyterian Church of Jasper is a group of people who love the Lord, love each other, and does whatever is needed to help those in need without seeking acknowledgement or recognition.  We are searching for a pastor to continue to lead us in serving God in our community. We have the blessing of a spacious manse in great condition located right next to the church!

We are looking for someone who exhibits Christian characteristics in his or her church and personal lives. Our pastor should have a broad knowledge of the scriptures and be able to deliver sermons that speak to members of all ages. We are seeking a person who will expand the mission of the Church and help set strategies for growth and service. A cooperative attitude and a compassionate demeanor is a must for the future leader of our Church.

Our MIF is on the PC(USA)’s Church Leadership Connection and is attached here If you have questions or need more information, please contact the PNC Chair Ryan Mitchell at ryan.mitchell.345@gmail.com.


If you have a job opening within the presbytery, please send the information to: info@staugpres.org.