The Permanent Judicial Commission hears and decides cases of process on behalf of the presbytery according to the Rules of Discipline. The function, membership, terms of service, and manner of election of the Permanent Judicial Commission is according to the provisions of D-5.0000 of the Book of Order and the Rules of Discipline as a whole.  The commission has nine members, as nearly equally divided as possible between ruling elders and teaching elders.


Cindy Anderson (RE)

Class of 2019
Cindy Anderson (RE)           
Robert George (RE) 
John Ragsdale (TE) 
Class of 2021
Mac Heavener (RE)
Cynthia Montgomery (TE)
Mary Beth Neely (RE)         
Class of 2023
Cathy Sanders (RE) 
Bruce Seaman (TE) 
Ron Watson (TE)