The Cuba Team had an awesome trip.  The warmth and enthusiasm of the greetings from our hosts were amazing.  The Days for Girls supplies were received with great excitement and appreciation.  We were able to deliver 6 large Publix bags of over-the-counter medications to congregations we visited. 

We visited 6 congregations in the Matanzas Presbytery for worship and fellowship — they all are very interested in partnering with their Presbyterian brothers and sisters from the St. Augustine Presbytery. What they most want from us is friendship and caring.  At least two congregations have expressed interest in having a church to church partnership with a Cuban congregation.  In addition to our visits with congregations, we also met with faculty and students at the Seminary in Matanzas. 

We were also able to spend time enjoying the Cuban culture, including music programs, art galleries, the beach and historical sites.

The team would love to share our experiences with your congregation. Please contact Diane Watkins at to arrange a presentation.

Photo highlights