Comfort My People:
Mental Health in Healthy Congregations

Susan Lee, LCSW
Consultant / Coach, Comfort My People program 

The Presbytery of St. Augustine has received a $10,000 grant to fund a 12-month initiative we’re calling, “Comfort My People: Mental Health in Healthy Congregations.”

Susan Lee, LCSW, a member of Highlands United Presbyterian Church, will serve as a consultant/coach with congregations in our Presbytery.  Susan will be available to lead programs and intergenerational activities, provide workshops for congregational leaders, meet with resource people and identify appropriate referrals for mental health support near you.   

As it develops, this work will focus on three areas with a goal of including as many of our 58 congregations as possible:

  • To expand mental health awareness, understanding of mental issues and advocacy for mental health services.
  • To eliminate the stigma surrounding mental illness, and especially serious mental illnesses.
  • To become more welcoming, inclusive and supportive faith communities for people living with mental health challenges.

If you’d like to help break down the stigma of mental illness, or for more information about implementing this new ministry in the presbytery, you can contact Chris Lieberman (Relationship Coordination Director) at  Or, call 502-475-8025.



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