Drive-In Called Meeting of the Presbytery of St. Augustine

Tuesday, June 23, 2020, 12 Noon
First Presbyterian Church of Starke
Edd Norris, Moderator

There will be a called meeting of the presbytery on Tuesday, June 23, at noon, in the parking lot of First Presbyterian Church of Starke (921 E. Call St., Starke, FL 32091). Teaching elders and commissioners will remain in their cars and participate through a conference call that will allow all participants to simultaneously hear each other during the meeting.  

The agenda and other meeting materials will be posted as soon as they are available and can be found here:

Each ruling elder commissioner, teaching elder, other ruling elder voting member (e.g. Coordinating Council members), and visitor planning to attend is asked to register using the registration form linked below by Monday, June 22, at noon.

During the registration process, you will have the option of ordering a boxed lunch prepared by Montgomery Center (details on the registration page). After the meeting, you are invited to go and see all the work and upgrades that have been accomplished at Montgomery over the past several months.

Additional Commissioners: Churches sending additional ruling elder commissioners for one year beginning in May 2020 (number in parentheses is total). This list rotates among our congregations once a year and is created in order to maintain “parity” between teaching elders and ruling elders.

White Springs (2)
Williston (2)
Woodlawn (2)
Alachua (2)
Arlington (2)
Bethlehem (2)

Thank you! See you soon!