Lenten Spiritual Tools

The Rev. Jessi Higginbotham, Parish Associate for St. Giles Presbyterian Church, has shared two online interactive Lenten activities that can be used throughout Lent. The presbytery encourages you to explore these opportunities for personal and/or congregational use. Click on the hyperlinks below the images.

The first is an interactive Stations of the Cross which is an ancient spiritual practice that dates back to the 12th century. The scriptural arrangement of these Stations of the Cross was written by Pope John Paul II in 1991. The corresponding meditations, activities, and prayers have been prepared and compiled by the Rev. Jessi Higginbotham.


The second tool is a “40 Days of Theology on Sticky Notes” project that Jessi put together. It is an opportunity to absorb “post-it note size” bits of important theological concepts.


Thanks, Jessi, for sharing these spiritual tools! If you have a Lenten resource to share, please send it to Marigrace Doran, Communications Coordinator.