This committee addresses the administrative activities of the presbytery, including:

a. Providing oversight, planning, and management of the funds and properties owned by the Presbytery of St. Augustine, Inc. and the Montgomery Presbyterian Conference Center, Inc., subject to the supervision of the Coordinating Council and the direction of the presbytery;

b. Administering the presbytery’s investment policies;

c. Providing oversight, planning and management of personnel and legal matters for the presbytery;

d. Preparing and recommending to the Coordinating Council the annual operating budget for the presbytery; and

e. In coordination with the Relationship Coordination Committee, receiving, reviewing and forwarding to the Coordinating Council the annual operating budget for Montgomery Presbyterian Conference Center.

The Administration Committee shall consist of six members, including three members of the Coordinating Council (with one appointed as the chair) and the chairs of three teams: the Finance Team (six members), the Personnel Team (six members), and the Legal Team (six members). The teams shall elect their own chairs (and may elect vice-chairs). The Stated Clerk, the Chair of the Trustees Committee, and the Treasurer shall serve ex-officio but without vote.


Finance Team

Class of 2018
*John Ragsdale (TE) 
Will Wheeler (RE)

Class of 2019
Holly Inglis (TE) 
Chris Lieberman (TE) 

Class of 2020
Jodi Dodge (RE) 
Robert Mueller (RE) 


Personnel Team

Class of 2018
Joe Albright (TE) 
Jon Lovelady (TE) 

Class of 2019
Rod Chally (RE) 

Class of 2020
Cindy Anderson (RE) 

Legal Team

Class of 2018
Beth Hogue (Deacon) 

Class of 2019
E.K. Cottrell (RE) 

Class of 2020
Wayne Flowers (RE)