Support Mutual Mission

Mutual Mission is one of the longest-running and most beloved of our presbytery ministries. JEMM and the Cuba ministries are funded through existing designated accounts, through your generous donations designated for Mutual Mission including special presbytery meeting offerings, and through the “Hearts and Hands” offerings which is placed in a designated account that helps to fund the work of JEMM. All of the teams that participate in the mission trips are self-funded or have churches that sponsor them.

Donate to Mutual Mission through the presbytery’s online donation / payment portal. You can also mail a check (payable to Presbytery of St. Augustine) to the presbytery offices.

Hearts and Hands Special Offering

“Hearts and Hands” is one of the Special Offerings of the Presbytery of St. Augustine. This special offering was formerly known as “2 Cents a Meal,” and many of our churches collect the Hearts and Hands offering each month in worship.  This is your way to support and strengthen the mutual mission effort between church partners in Jamaica, Cuba, the presbytery, and many of our local congregations.

Download the Collection Can Labels (PDF and Word formats, for printing on Avery shipping labels #8164) UPDATED August 2022!