Digital Disciples Pilot Project

The presbytery is pleased to offer an opportunity to partner with John Fong, a Social Media Consultant who specializes in working with churches. Your congregation can learn about how churches can use and benefit from social media and increase the number of visitors at your church. As this pilot project evolves within our presbytery, watch for updates and stories from congregations that are participating in the Digital Disciples project.
Mr. Fong lists some of the reasons this project has such a high success rate:
  • One on one consultation and training.
  • Customize-able program.
  • Benchmarks, follow through expectations and understanding that this is a partnership.
  • Automated tracking/monitoring of online presence – Facebook / website.
  • Automated posting service, if in 72 hours nothing is posted, a post will be generated automatically to maintain activity and consistency (many sites deactivate if not consistent like FB)
  • Automated monthly assessment on social media presence and requested/tracked church attendance, new visitors and new membership.
  • Establishment of Super users and Super FB group to generate exposure, and engagement online.
  • Automated quarterly self – diagnostic reports for individual churches to help churches make informed decisions on their future goals based on data rather than assumptions.
  • Super users foundation/concept to improve church overall health, improve internal communication, improve relationships, stabilize attendance and finances.
  • Once benchmarks are met and program foundation is established assist churches in creating online/offline campaigns to achieve identified church goal(s).
  • Provide churches with strategies and ideas based on crowd sourced information/resources from hundreds of churches I service.
  • Partnership with Presbytery to provide added value for the presbytery, improve presbytery communications and relationship with churches and cost effectiveness for churches/presbyteries.
For more information or to get started in the Digital Disciples Project, email Chris Lieberman or Marigrace Doran.