How to Be a Hybrid Church
Thursdays – September 9, 16, 23
2:30-4:00 p.m., via Zoom

Being a hybrid church is more than broadcasting worship services.  Churches with an online presence have two congregations – an online congregation and an in-person congregation.  How can we engage two different congregations with diverse needs and interests?   This 3 session workshop series will address both the challenges and the opportunities of becoming a truly hybrid church and consider ways to expand our online presence beyond worship.  

This workshop series is sponsored by the Communications Team, with the support of the Church Vitality Team and the Training Team. The presenter is Christen Kinard with Digital Congregations. Classes include 90 minute online workshops, as well as consultations with the workshop leader for each registered congregation.

Registration is limited to 20 churches … with congregations encouraged to have a team of church leaders attend the workshops or have access to the recordings … because it takes a village to “be a Hybrid Church.” The workshop registration fees are on a sliding scale, depending on your church’s membership size – and they are per church regardless of the number of workshop participants.

Register today using the form below. Questions? Contact Marigrace Doran, Communications Coordinator, at After you register using the form below you will be directed to the payment page.

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