Giving Options

Thank you for your support!  Your gifts to ministries of the Presbytery make a real difference in the lives of people.

Need help or to give by phone? Call us at 904-733-8277.

To send a check, please designate where you want your gift to go on the memo line and mail to:

Presbytery of St. Augustine
1937 University Blvd. W.
Jacksonville, FL 32217

The Presbytery’s Online Giving offers a simple and easy way for you to contribute to mission or ministry.  We use Vanco Payment Solutions, an industry leader in providing churches, secure, simple, payment and giving solutions.  Vanco’s standards meet Payment Card Industry (PCI) data security standards for handling, storage, and transmitting credit card information.  This makes online giving easy for you and immediately available to the Presbytery.

Frequently asked Questions

Will donors receive a confirmation of their gift for tax purposes?

Yes, per IRS requirements, donors will receive a gift acknowledgment from the Presbytery via emailed statement before tax time. Donors should retain this documentation for tax reporting purposes.

Is donor information safe and kept private?

Yes, our systems follow Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards, and donor information is never shared with anyone except the misison or ministry receiving their gifts.

If a donor checks the box on the donation form to help offset the cost of the transaction fee, do they get tax credit for the extra amount?

Yes, the full amount paid by the donor is tax deductible.