Steve Crowley (Ruling Elder)
First Presbyterian Church of Palatka

Steve Crowley

Will you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am a ruling elder currently serving on session at First Palatka. I serve on the Presbytery Coordinating Council. At First Pres. Palatka I am currently on the Worship Committee. In past I have been on Christian Ed as well as being both a middle & high school youth leader. I have been a Logos Dinner Dean and fellowship dinner emcee. 

In the secular world, I am the retired director of the Putnam County Library System; a position I held for 28 years. I am also a former president of the Arts Council of Greater Palatka and a past actor/director for community theater. Currently I, along with two partners, operate a small theater group called Readers Repertory. We produce only reader’s theater shows.

Now, I am the dramaturge/line/character coach for the Palatka High School Musical Theater Program. You can probably tell I am a theater geek. 

Why did you apply to serve at the 225th General Assembly?

I applied to be a commissioner because I believe that we are called to serve God’s church and it’s people not only in our local churches but also at the higher levels of church governance.

I also believe the church is at a crossroads, a period of transition and transformation. I feel called to be a part of that. As Presbyterians we accomplish change through session, presbytery, synod and general assembly participation. If we are to serve God as we are called to do, it is by serving that call in these fora. 

What is your committee assignment?

I will be serving on the Immigration Committee. 

What are you excited about and looking forward to?

I am looking forward to being with hundreds of Presbyterians and people of other denomination and faith traditions united in discerning the will of God for the way forward. Seeing how the will of God works out amongst us. I’m excited to participate in worship that enlivens an enriches us day-by-day. I’m excited to participate in discussions with fellow commissioners about the topics that come before us. I’m excited to see how a hybrid General Assembly draws representatives of the people of God together to discern their future in this small part of His great plan for His people.