Presbytery Meeting Highlights

February 3, 2024

It was a true joy to gather in-person at Montgomery Center for our presbytery meeting! Thanks go to Lisa Wells and the Montgomery volunteers for the smooth registration process. The entire staff and Board members of Montgomery were very gracious and helpful in preparations for this meeting and much gratitude goes to each of them. The Montgomery crew even ordered up the perfect weather!
Worship started us off on the right note. Dr. Yvan Kelly, Commissioned Ruling Elder at Kirkwood Presbyterian Church, delivered the message titled “Us and Them”, hymns were sung with great enthusiasm and The Lord’s Supper was celebrated. During the worship time, our Cuba Mission Team was commissioned for their upcoming work. We were also able to prayerfully remember the Ruling Elders and Teaching Elders that departed this world in 2023. Plus, our offering in the amount of $1,254.00 will go toward providing scholarships for youth to attend summer camp at Montgomery.
Moderator Rev. Dr. Susan Rose guided the Presbytery through the agenda. Highlights included:

  • Introductions of Rev. Dr. Olive Mahabir, pastor at Highlands United, and of JoAnne Sharp, Certified Christian Educator at Hodges Boulevard.
  • The approval of a revised Sexual Misconduct Policy.
  • A motion to create a new Presbytery Policy to require criminal background checks and appropriate boundary training for all ministers, CREs and CCEs. This motion was referred to the Coordinating Council to “flesh out” and bring back for approval at the May presbytery meeting.
  • The approval of the Presbytery 2024 budget.
  • Filling vacancies on many committees by the Volunteer Management Team
  • Reports from our Lead Presbyter, Montgomery Center and Jamacia Mission Team.
  • Upcoming plans by the Mission and Leadership Development Team for a pastor retreat and another round of youth retention grants for our congregations.
  • AND…..the Installation of Moderator Stephen Crowley! Welcome Steve!
    The meeting adjourned at 12:25 p.m., and a delightful lunch was served. Many pleasant conversations were held around the tables filled with joy and laughter. Please plan to participate in the next Meeting of Presbytery on May 14, 2024, at Silver Springs Shores Presbyterian Church.