What Have You Written?

Some of our Presbytery ministers have written books about their spiritual journey and what they have learned. Others have written studies and guides to assist believers in their faith journey as Christians. There are also those who have written books on different subjects altogether.  We want to learn from these texts. We wish to compile, and then to disseminate by email, titles of books written by our Presbytery ministers.

If you have published a book, please email the following information to Charlie Evans at info@staugpres.org

Presbytery of St. Augustine Minister Name
Book Title
Book Theme or Focus
Use for Clergy, an individual Christian, small groups or congregation
Publisher — HBK/PPB, Estimated Cost

Sample 1

John Calvin
The Christian Institutes
A classic summary of the Christian faith and organizational outline of the Church
Use to study a summary of Christian theology plus structure, mission, and ministry of the church
An Ancient Press — Hbk $30; ppb $22

Sample 2

Bill Weimer
The Risen Christ: Jesus’ Last Words on Earth
8 sessions for individuals and/or small groups (for c. 1-hr); “Leader’s Notes” in back; short 6 to 8 questions studying passages of Jesus’ post-Resurrection appearances
Jesus’ Last Words on the Cross were not His last words! — rather His surprising “I’m alive” interactions were to instruct and encourage His followers — and us!
InterVarsity Press (IVP) — ppb $8-12