Connie Smith (Ruling Elder)
South Jacksonville Presbyterian Church

Connie Smith

Will you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I was born and grew up in Birmingham Alabama where I was baptized and confirmed at Independent Presbyterian.  I’ve now lived in Florida for most of my life, including the last 30 years in my home in San Marco near South Jacksonville Presbyterian.  My two sons grew up attending SJPC; it was a joy (mostly ?) to be involved as they aged through programs.

My husband, David Goedtke, is currently on SJPC’s Session and I am a Trustee of our Presbytery.  We love that we’re once again able to host our long-running small study group in our home. 

I retired in August from work in corporate social responsibility.  In this new season of life, I am enjoying spending time with my 2-year-old grandson, catching up on yardwork and home projects, traveling some, and discovering new ways to contribute to efforts focused on community health and strength.

At home in Jacksonville and wherever my travel takes me, I love to walk.  I especially love walking/hiking in our National Parks and I have practiced yoga for about 17 years.

Why did you apply to serve at the 225th General Assembly?

The opportunity to apply to serve as a commissioner to the 225th GA coincided with my retirement and the beginning of my exploration of new ways to be of service.    I knew that I had the capacity to participate and I believed that I had experience and skills for the opportunity. I look forward in faith that I will learn with and from others throughout the experience.

What is your committee assignment?

I will be serving on the International Engagement Committee which is focused on items related to policies and actions that include international partners.

What are you excited about and looking forward to?

I am excited to participate in our Presbyterian process of discernment and decision-making.  I look forward to worshipping, praying and being in communion with others from all over the US, especially the in-person opportunities in Louisville.  And I’m keen to work with and hear from others with unique perspectives on the issues that we will be addressing.

Is there anything else you would like to say?

Thank you for your prayers for all of us – for our health, safe travel and for faithful intention to our work in the coming weeks.