The purpose of the Volunteer Management Committee is to develop strategies to more effectively identify, engage and monitor the overall activities of volunteers in the Presbytery, assuring that:

a. The “right” people are being approached to serve – qualified, motivated, and representative;

b. Service opportunities are well defined (job/role descriptions), real, and important; and

c. Volunteer satisfaction is assessed by survey at least once a year, and issues are addressed promptly, fairly and effectively.

The Volunteer Management Committee shall consist of three members, including the committee chair appointed by the Coordinating Council from among its members and the chairs of the Nominating Team (six members) and the Representation Team (six members). The Relationship Coordination Director shall serve ex-officio but without vote. These teams shall carry out the functions and ensure the presbytery’s compliance with G-3.0103 and G-3.0111 of the Book of Order and shall be responsible for nominating for elections commissioners to the General Assembly and the Synod. They shall elect their own chairs (and may elect vice-chairs). The members of the Nominating Team shall be elected by the Nominating Team. The members of the Representation Team shall be elected by the presbytery upon nomination by the Coordinating Council. They shall be arranged in three classes, each serving three year terms.


Nominating Team

Class of 2018
Wayne Flowers (RE) 

Gabe Goodman (TE)

Class of 2019
Andrea Mogg-Jacque (RE) 
Sheryl Sumlin-Walker (TE

Class of 2020
Alan Cummings (TE) 
Patti Phillips (RE) 

Representation Team

Class of 2018
Joyce Lieberman (TE) 

Howard Taylor (RE) 

Class of 2019
Louis Venson (RE) 

Class of 2020
Marcia Graham (TE) 
Shirley Mergan (RE)