This committee has the following purposes:

a. Monitoring the activities and effectiveness of the Relationship Coordination Director and the Area Relationship Coordinators;

b. Assessing the activities and effectiveness of the Communications Coordinator;

c. Coordinating the presbytery’s disaster preparation and response, including the authority to apply for, receive and manage Presbyterian Disaster Assistance grants: and

d. Overseeing the presbytery’s mission and outreach activities and serving as the primary access point for the presbytery’s mission partner organizations (including without limitation the Jamaica Ecumenical Mutual Mission, Montgomery Presbyterian Conference Center, and any new church or missional community starts), assuring that achievements, opportunities, issues and needs are effectively addressed and communicated to the Coordinating Council, either by the committee chair or by providing time on the Coordinating Council meeting agenda.

The Relationship Coordination Committee shall consist of nine members, including three Coordinating Council members (with one appointed as the chair), a representative of the Montgomery Presbyterian Conference Center (the Director or – if no Director – another representative selected by the Executive Operating Board), the Moderator of the Presbyterian Women, the chair of the Mutual Mission Team, and the chairs of the Communications Team (six members), the Reconciliation Team (six members), and the Disaster Preparation and Assistance Team (at least nine members). The teams shall elect their own chairs (and may elect vice-chairs). The Relationship Coordination Director and the Communications Coordinator shall serve ex-officio but without vote. The teams shall report to the committee, which shall organize them so that they may carry out all of the purposes and functions of the committee.


Communications Team

Class of 2018
Charles Freeman (TE) 
Ken Goodrich (TE) ty
Paige Porter-Buhl (TE) 

Reconciliation Team

Class of 2018
Barbara Darby (RE) 
Craig Davies (TE) 
Melinda Goins (RE) 
David Lee (TE) 

Disaster Preparation and Assistance Team

Kaley Behl (RE)
Hunter Camp (TE) 
Rhonda Link-Cummings (TE) 
Charles Freeman (TE) 
Milton Fulton (RE) 
Marcia Graham (TE) 
Barbara Hamilton (TE) 
Jess McCrosky (TE) 
Jim Pellot (RE) 
Paige Porter-Buhl (TE) 
Leo Richards (RE) 
Layne Schultetus (RE) 
Nita Williams (RE) 
Al Christopher (RE)
Tim Spaid (RE) 

Mutual Mission

Class of 2018
Mary Brown (RE) 
Ruth Elswood (TE)
Diane St. John (RE) 

Class of 2019
Pat Crews (RE)
Howard Jolles (RE)
Shirley Mergan (RE)
Diane Watkins (RE) 

Class of 2020
Bob Bell (RE) 
Cliff Lyda (TE) 
Ken Myers (RE) 
Mark Poole (RE) 
Marcella Yonkosky (RE) 

MPCC Executive Operating Board

Class of 2018
Glenn Dickson (TE) 
Marcia Graham (TE) 
Don Mossa (TE) 

Class of 2019
Jessi Higginbotham (TE) 

Class of 2020
Jim Bullock (TE) 
Milton Fulton (RE) 
Ralph Moulder (RE)