Installation of George Head.
George Head’s Installation

One of the joyful functions a presbytery performs is to ordain and install pastors.  Our presbytery has had the honor of installing two pastors, and ordaining one of them, in the past six weeks.  On February 8th we ordained Charles Spence Freeman to ministry as a teaching elder for the Presbyterian Church (USA) and installed him as pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church, Gainesville.  On March 15th we installed George Timothy Head as pastor of First Presbyterian, Palatka. 

In each case, fellow Presbyterians from churches in the north, south and middle of our Presbytery’s geography attended the service, celebrating with the congregations of Grace and First, Palatka, and experienced once again the joy of God’s call to ministry of a particular person to a particular place and time. 

And of course, what gathering of Presbyterians would be complete without food and fellowship?  Lovely receptions were held afterwards where stories were shared, new friends made and God’s love abounded. 

The preacher at Charles Freeman’s ordination and installation was the Rev. Dr. Paul Galbreath, who reminded the congregation that Jesus calls us to engage directly with those we do not already know – to break bread and share our lives with one another.  He challenged the congregation to take time to regularly eat a meal with those whom you do not already know well – a challenge from which each of us could surely benefit!   We should take up this challenge as congregations – why don’t you invite your neighboring church’s choir, session, pastor, and/or Sunday School class to join yours for a meal – imagine the possibilities. 

Hope to see you at our presbytery’s next ordination or installation and to break bread with you at another lovely reception!