Floods, Tornadoes & Droughts! Oh My! News reports in recent weeks have been filled with stories of droughts in one part of the country and destructive flash floods in others, and we know tornadoes ravaged several parts of the mid-west this spring. For we Floridians here in the midst of hurricane season, we only have to see the iconic spiral shape of a low pressure system picking up velocity, to recall the devastation that a hurricane can cause.

You and your congregation have the ability to help the victims of these natural disasters – START COLLECTING the supplies which will be used to create Clean-up Buckets for Presbyterian Disaster Assistance. On October 6th our presbytery will assemble clean-up buckets to donate to PDA. With 60 churches in the Presbytery of St. Augustine, a goal of at least 120 buckets should be very achievable. Gathered together as a presbytery we can do mighty things – so please start your collection campaign now. The list of supplies is at this link for your reference.