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Bethany’s Ordination Commission and Guests

By: Sandra Hedrick, Stated Clerk

We welcome Bethany Benz-Whittington as our newest member of the Presbytery of St. Augustine. Her ordination took place on April 24, 2016, at Peace Presbyterian Church, where she is serving as stated supply pastor. The service was well-attended by church members, family and friends, and friends from around the presbytery. It was followed by a joyous reception with an abundance of delicious food and a beautiful cake.

Bethany’s mother Cindy Benz preached the sermon – “And God said, GO” – to which the congregation responded with the moving hymn, “Lord, You Give The Great Commission.” The choir sang the anthem “Here I Am, Lord” (arrangement by Craig Courtney). Guy Hawker (Minister of Music) accompanied the choir and provided other sacred music to mark the occasion.

The Ordination Commission consisted of Cindy Benz (TE – First, Lake City), Kelsey Gulick (RE – Hodges Boulevard), Mary Mickel (RE – Woodlawn), Cynthia Montgomery (TE – At-Large, Moderator of Presbytery Council), Ralph Moulder (RE – Starke, Moderator of the Presbytery), Joe Rigsby (TE – Woodlawn), Sheldon Steen (TE – At-Large), and Charlene Willis (RE – Peace). There were also many guests of the commission who participated in the service and the celebration that followed. The guests included one of Bethany’s professors and an associate dean from Columbia Theological Seminary, where Bethany received her Master of Divinity in 2015.

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Fellowship at a reception following the service
Bethany Benz-Whittington
Bethany Benz-Whittington