Nominations for Presbytery Service are now open!

Greetings from your Nominating and Representation Committee of the Presbytery of St. Augustine! We are grateful to all those who serve our churches so faithfully, and to those who work for the larger church as well. Serving Christ through all levels of governance in the church is a call from God, and we honor that extended call on your lives beyond the congregation.

It is the job of the Nominating and Representation Committee to recommend people for service to the presbytery. What we discover in this work is that serving the presbytery also serves the local church through better understandings of connection, of our polity and of our mandate to be a friend among our colleagues. We believe it can give to the individual, and the congregation served, a renewed sense of direction for the work that we are all called upon to do together as servants of our Lord.

Your Nominating and Representation Committee is now seeking nominations for servant leaders within the Presbytery of St. Augustine. We have potential openings in all areas of interest / levels of governance.

  • Coordinating Council
  • Call Commission
  • Disaster Preparation and Assistance Commission
  • Permanent Judicial Commission
  • Presbytery Board of Trustees
  • Care and Reconciliation Team
  • Training Team
  • Nominating Team
  • Representation Team
  • Communications Team
  • Personnel Team
  • Finance Team
  • Church Vitality Team
  • Highlands Regional Ministry Center
  • Montgomery Center Board of Trustees
  • Mutual Mission Team
  • Youth Ministry Leadership Team

We are also seeking nominations for an assistant treasurer (to be elected at the upcoming stated meeting) and a Moderator-Elect. 

The Moderator-Elect is elected annually at the Winter Stated Meeting in February and would be a female ruling elder in our rotation. It is not too soon to consider who may fill this important role. The Moderator-Elect serves as an ex-officio member of the Coordinating Council for one year before taking on the role of Presbytery Moderator for a year. Following that year, this individual is the Chair of the Coordinating Council for one year.

Please contact Patti Phillips if you know of someone who has the gifts and time to fill these roles, or if you may be that person!

Please click on the button below so that you might apply to serve in some capacity in the presbytery. Please prayerfully consider where God might be calling you in your service to Christ’s Church.

Please return completed forms by August 18 to
Patti Phillips, Nominating Team Chair via
email to, or
mail to Presbytery of St. Augustine, 1937 University Blvd. W., Jacksonville, FL 32217

The Nominating and Representation Teams look forward to reviewing you application for service, for in serving each other, and in serving alongside each other, we strengthen the bonds of covenant that God expects of us all.