This story of a faith journey is by Tommy Lane, a Commissioned Ruling Elder who is serving as the Pastor of McIntosh Presbyterian Church: St. Augustine Presbytery – and its predecessor, Presbytery of Suwannee, has been home to my faith-walk my entire life. But it was a close call. I was almost a Baptist. My parents married in 1946 and my mother – wanting to do what she considered her “wifely duty” – planned to join First Baptist Church in Gainesville, my father’s home-church. The pastor at First Baptist said my mother would be welcomed into membership upon re-baptism, as she had been baptized as anRead More →

By: A Member of Ft. King Presbyterian Church Three years ago we began as a group of 8-10 interested folks who decided to explore the idea of becoming better stewards of our resources here at Fort King Presbyterian Church (Ocala, Florida). Initially, we were concerned about the use of Styrofoam cups on Sunday mornings. We considered many alternatives from bringing our own cups, to compostable paper cups but finally decided to collect mugs from the congregation and wash them each Sunday. There were concerns about washing the used cups and possible pest problems. It has worked beautifully, however, which encouraged us to explore other options.Read More →

After a satisfying lunch hosted by Memorial Presbyterian Church in late March, Steve Benz asked the ministers gathered around the tables to offer news from their lives. Many new and exciting reports were shared by those present. One honorably retired minister, Rev. Jim Bullock, Jr., told the group about participating in a special worship service of reconciliation conducted at the Second Presbyterian Church of Memphis, Tennessee, on 22 March 2014. Second Presbyterian and the Independent Presbyterian Church (also in Memphis) organized the service and invited special guests, the public, and past and current members. Over 150 people attended. Jim is not the sort of person fromRead More →

  I leave for my first General Assembly on Friday!  I am most excited about worship and fellowship with Presbyterians from across the nation, including some of my seminary classmates (Columbia, class of 2009). I am honored to join our transitional executive Steve Benz in accompanying our six commissioners and our young adult advisory delegate (YAAD) in their first General Assembly experience. Just a few weeks ago, I was asked to fill the role of committee parliamentarian for the Social Justice Committee. During the week of May 12th, I attended GA leadership training in Louisville. During training, someone took a photo (see below) of ourRead More →

Please enjoy these photos from the meeting of the Committee on Preparation for Ministry that took place on March 31, 2014: The following actions took place at this meeting: Raymond Guterman (pastor), Madison Munoz, and Susan Takis (CPM liaison). Madison’s final assessment was approved at the March meeting.    Susan Takis (pastor), Meagan Findeiss, and Ross Royce (CPM liaison).  Meagan is now an Inquirer under our presbytery’s care.   Becca Gillespie (CPM liaison), Whitney Caswell.  Whitney is now a Candidate under our care.    Read More →

Dear friends in the ministry of all believers, We are now approaching the time when your General Assembly commissioners are doing their reading for their work, all of the overtures and referrals are online, and the reality sinks in that there is much work to be done for the Church of Jesus Christ, Presbyterian branch, USA. These folks were commissioned at the most recent presbytery meeting and were all together in a room for the very first time. By this time next month, they will be the best of friends and bonded together forever. Please keep them in your prayers as they journey to MichiganRead More →

  Note: at the suggestion of some of our newsletter readers, we are continuing to share the profiles of some of the men and women on our preaching supply list. Please contact us if you would like to participate. Did you ever think that something as menial as washing dishes could change your life forever? My name is Joan Wells and it did for me. It began when Paul Hooker came into our Presbytery as our Executive Presbyter. He was scheduled to speak at our Wednesday night dinner at Kirkwood Presbyterian Church where I served as an Elder for 11 years. The night Paul cameRead More →

By: Andy Gans Let me introduce to you Bob Schlegel, Jr. Bob is a lifelong Presbyterian, what some would consider a “Blue Blood Presbyterian.” Bob was baptized in the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Yonkers, New York in 1945 and has been a Presbyterian ever since. Bob is quite the educated man through his schooling, traveling and work. Bob graduated from the then College of Engineering of New York University (NYU) in 1967 and was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant, Ordnance Corps, US Army Reserve, the same day. After a year’s work at Underwriters Laboratories (UL), Bob went from reservist to active duty serving at White SandsRead More →

By: Rev. Emily Proctor, Riverside Presbyterian Church This year, I used some of my continuing education money, wiped out my accumulated Skymiles, and braved 20° Minnesota weather to attend my third NEXT  Church conference. And I’m glad I did—this may have been my favorite one so far. NEXT Church is a growing network of Presbyterian leaders who are hopeful about the future of the Church. Not because of anything the Church is doing or not doing, of course, but because of their trust in God’s love, in Jesus Christ as head of the Church, and in the ongoing bold and generative work of the HolyRead More →

    By: Sandra Hedrick, Stated Clerk We received our newest presbytery member Stephen Kolderup on April 10, 2014.  He and his wife Jan (recently retired from federal service including 18 years with the CDC) have moved to Jacksonville so that he can serve as interim pastor of South Jacksonville Presbyterian Church. The couple has two married sons and a granddaughter. They enjoy baseball (they have tickets for a Suns game), outdoor activities (such as cycling), art museums, and music, among other things. Stephen went to Gettysburg College, where he was a physics major. He received his theological education at Princeton Theological Seminary. Stephen has neverRead More →