Presbytery of St. Augustine

Meet General Assembly Commissioner Andy Gans

Andy GansThis article continues our series on our General Assembly Commissioners –

Andy Gans grew up in Baltimore, Maryland with his parents and two siblings.  While growing up, Andy and his family were not very consistent in their church attendance due to his mother’s battle Multiple Sclerosis.  Andy’s appreciation of faith and church came whenever he visited his grandmother who was at church whenever the doors were open.  Andy’s college selection sent him to Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.  Following college, he worked in television for over ten years as a news and sports photographer for NBC and ABC.  While working in television, he also volunteered at his church as a youth leader, and it was then that he understood his next career path and ministry.  Andy’s first calling to the church was as a Youth and Children’s Director.  About six years later, he sensed God’s calling to enter ordained ministry, and he enrolled at Columbia Theological Seminary.

Andy’s first ordained call was to run a homeless ministry in downtown Atlanta at Central Presbyterian Church.  This ministry opened his eyes to the needs of the marginalized and his responsibility to seek justice for them, and with them.  Currently Andy is the pastor of Fort King Presbyterian in Ocala where he enjoys leading creative and energy filled worship services. Fort King is, and has been since its inception, a socially active church that seeks ways to create peace, speak out for justice and welcome all of God’s people.  Fort King is known in Ocala as a leader in creating opportunities for interfaith dialogue, worship, and finding ways to bring people together with a goal of breaking down barriers, and establishing organizations that seek to aid the marginalized.

Andy is heavily involved with our Presbytery and serves on its Personnel Committee, Crisis Response Team and also serves on the board of Camp Montgomery.  Andy has also served on the Worship Committee, Presbytery Council, Mutual Mission and has been an adult leader for the JEMM Youth exchange.

Andy has been married to Cheryl for 23 years, and they have two high school aged daughters who love soccer and are heavily involved in their travel and school teams.  Cheryl is a graduate of Columbia Theological Seminary and is certified ready to receive a call.  In the mean time, she is on staff at The Presbyterian Church of Marion Oaks, runs a summer day camp for children, is a substitute teacher, volunteers with Hospice, and is taking CPE.

Andy tells us there are two experiences that have greatly influenced his ministry over the years.  The first was his work with those who are experiencing homelessness.  Working with these people, listening to their struggles, seeing firsthand how the “system” and other people worked against them made him passionate for their strife and to work towards bettering their situation.  The other experience he had was when he was visiting the Holy Land, in one day he saw two situations that changed the way he thought about peace and justice in Israel and Palestine.  The first situation was when he was trying to enter the Old City on a Friday morning.  Lines of people surrounded the entrance awaiting admittance by Israeli security.  

While waiting, Andy saw Palestinian men interrogated, pushed aside, and even pulled aside by their ears, making entrance into the city almost impossible for them.  The other incident occurred on his way back from the Holy City.  Andy saw a Palestinian man having a seizure on the side of the road.  Others had stopped to assist the man, and eventually an Israeli police officer stopped, but once he saw that the man was Palestinian, he walked back to his car and drove away.  At that moment Andy knew he needed to focus his ministry on seeking and teaching peace to others.

Andy looks forward to the wonderful opportunity and the great responsibility of serving as a commissioner to our denomination’s General Assembly this summer.  He prays for God’s guidance as he and others discern God’s will for this great denomination.


New Candidate Melanie Marsh Baum

Melanie Baum


On Saturday, February 1, the presbytery accepted Inquirer Melanie Marsh Baum (Ft. King Presbyterian) as a candidate for ministry under our care.  Melanie is a graduate of Florida State University with a BFA in Theatre and a minor concentration in dance.  Before entering into theological study and preparation for ministry, Melanie worked as an artist and arts educator in San Diego, California for ten years.  She has worked as an actor, dancer, and director, as well as teaching dance, theatre and arts activism to youth and adults of all ages from toddlers to grandparents.  While in San Diego, she began pursuing a Masters degree in Theology from Point Loma Nazarene University focusing on liturgy, worship and sacred movement.  She is now in her second year of MDiv studies at Princeton Theological Seminary in New Jersey. Congratulations, Melanie!




Highlights of 2014 Winter Stated Presbytery Meeting

By: Alexandra (Sandra) Hedrick, Stated Clerk

“Where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them.”  Matthew 18:20.

We held our Winter Stated Presbytery Meeting on Saturday, February 2, 2014, at the historic Memorial Presbyterian Church in St. Augustine, Florida.  The weather was warm, and the pre-meeting fellowship was especially delightful. Dudley Weaver welcomed us on Memorial’s behalf.

We were called to worship with the sound of a magnificent pipe organ and enjoyed congregational singing, prayer, the Word, and the Lord’s Supper. We read the names of each teaching and ruling elder who had died during 2013 and gave thanks to God for their lives and their service. Moderator Gabe Goodman brought the morning message after portions of Acts 15 were delivered as a Reader’s Theater. The message included a call for both unity and reformation in our presbytery – “Reformation is the work of God among us. And it must begin in each church … one church at a time rediscovering our mission to make disciples who worship joyfully, serve with compassion, and grow in Christ all their lives.”

There were approximately 115 teaching elders and commissioners in attendance; significantly more than half were ruling elders. We received $1,048 in the morning offering, which was designated for the Jamaica Ecumenical Mutual Mission.

Although the meeting was concluded by the time designated for lunch (this wonderful lunch is described in more detail below), it included a full agenda. Highlights of the presentations and actions include:

  • Reception of new or newly installed teaching elder members: Charlie Rumpel, the pastor of Weirsdale Presbyterian Church; Amy Hunt, the pastor of Kirkwood Presbyterian Church in Jacksonville; M.B. Choi, the pastor of Korean Presbyterian Church in Jacksonville; and Diane Wilson, a former military chaplain who has moved within the bounds of our presbytery and has become actively involved in the life of the St. Giles congregation in Jacksonville.
  • Reception of Melanie Baum as a candidate for ministry. Melanie’s family was present as Melanie spoke at the meeting and received prayer and a warm welcome.
  • Approval of a memorial resolution for the life of Rev. James Hampton Goodner (November 15, 1920 to October 14, 2013). Family members were present for the presentation and thanksgiving.
  • Approval of the 2014 operating budget (posted on our website under the “Resources” menu item).
  • Approval of an overture for the 221st General Assembly that calls for lifting travel restrictions for United States citizens traveling to Cuba.
  • Approval of the purpose of our transition team, which is to assist the presbytery with “finding its identity, mission, and focus as the gathered saints of St. Augustine Presbytery, and making recommendations regarding the structure and funding necessary to bring about the new vision.” The proposal that was approved included a description of history, milestones, and process (the purpose document will be posted on our website under the “Resources” menu item).
  • Oral reports from Presbyterian Women (Patti Phillips, Moderator), the Mutual Mission Committee (Richard Kirk, Moderator), Montgomery Presbyterian Conference Center (Jim Montgomery, Board President), and Transitional Executive Presbyter Steve Benz.
  • Election of six 221st General Assembly Commissioners, one Young Adult Advisory Delegate (YAAD), and three alternates (see chart below for names).
  • Election of individuals to several presbytery offices, including treasurer and president of the corporations (see chart below for names).
  • Election of a new commissioner to the Administrative Commission for the Mandarin Presbyterian Church and approval of new designated co-moderators.
  • Dismissal of the Faith Administrative Commission with an expression of gratitude for its service.
  • Approval of the December 31, 2013 roll of teaching elders, commissioned ruling elders, and ruling elders certified to be commissioned, and a Christian educator.
  • Receipt of additional reports from the stated clerk, committees and commissions (including administrative commissions) of the presbytery and approved proposed actions.
  • Installation of our new Moderator, Cynthia Graham, following remarks by our outgoing Moderator, Gabe Goodman.

The lunch provided by the host church congregation included generous grilled pork loin sandwiches with a basil mayo and Fontina cheese, a tasty pasta salad, and a fabulous chocolate bread pudding with two sauces.

The Spring Stated Meeting will be held at Montgomery Presbyterian Conference Center on May 6, 2014, at 9:00 a.m.

It will be my pleasure to answer any questions you may have about these brief highlights or to provide you or your congregation/session with more information. I can be reached at or on my cell phone: 904-612-9766.  

Respectfully submitted,
Alexandra (Sandra) Hedrick
Presbytery Stated Clerk
Cell: 904-612-9766


Newly Elected Commissioners, Committee Members and Officers 

General Assembly Commissioners
Elizabeth Clarisse (RE, First Lake City)
Stephen Crowley (RE, First Palatka)
Elizabeth Mitchell (RE, First Jasper)
Andy Gans (TE, Ft. King)
Kathy McLean (TE, Lake Shore)
Eriberto Soto (TE, First Gainesville)

General Assembly YAAD
Molly Smathers (Palms)

General Assembly Alternates
Ricky Kirby (RE, Orange Park)
Robert Schlegel (RE, Ft. King)
Larry Green (TE, Westminster)

President of the Corporations – Wayne Flowers (RE, Geneva)

Moderator-in-Nomination – Ralph Moulder (RE, First Starke)

Treasurer – Chuck Atkins (RE, Lakewood)

Administration and Finance – Cheryl McDavitt (RE, St. Giles)

Examinations Commission
Jeff Welch (TE, Dunnellon) (2015, unexpired)
Kathy VanderVliet (RE, Lakewood) (2014, unexpired)

Council – At Large
Betsy Clarisse (RE, First Lake City) (2014, unexpired)
Robert Nellson (RE, Palms) (2015, unexpired)




Message from Steve Benz

SteveBenz2“Oh the places you will go.”

What a wonderful couple of weeks I have had!  You have hired me for specific purposes as your transitional executive presbyter, and it is a joy to do the work that is required of us as the mid-council of the Presbyterian Church (USA).  It is also a joy and a privilege to have been designated as the pastor to the pastors of this council and I take that honor very seriously.  But it is also a joy to experience a lot of what might be termed “other” functions of the office on your behalf and this past week was an example of just how wonderful this work can be.

My various journeys actually began on January 9 when I greeted wonderful folks from around the country who were in Jacksonville for PDA training.  The Presbyterian Disaster Assistance network is one of the greatest things we Presbyterians do together and it is my great privilege to have participated on three trips thus far doing relief work in flood ravaged areas. I am absolutely in awe of the work these volunteers do around the globe and it is such a privilege to be invited to greet them, pray with and for their work and then share a meal with them.

My next adventure was on that next Sunday when I served on a commission to install the Rev. Amy Hunt to the pulpit at the Kirkwood church here in Jacksonville.  I have been working closely with the folks at Kirkwood and Nueva Esperanza over the last year on a variety of tasks related to the Nueva Esperanza congregation moving to share space with the Kirkwood congregation so they have become good friends over the last year and I know many names there.  While the sharing conversation was going on, the search committee at Kirkwood was also busily seeking the person God had called to that congregation.  I hope you all took a moment at the presbytery meeting on Saturday to welcome Amy to our common ministry.

And the fun continued the next week.  I worshipped at Memorial, a normal morning punctuated by the Kirkin’ O’ the Tartans at the 11:00 service which was such a joy.  I then hopped into my car and flew to Weirsdale where I served on the commission to install the Rev. Charlie Rumpel as their newest pastor.  Charlie has served in this presbytery in a number of capacities so we know him well but he is in a new place now and shared about that at the meeting on Saturday.

On Thursday of that week, things kicked into high gear.  Your stated clerk and I attended an ecumenical vesper service at the Cathedral Basilica in St. Augustine and represented the presbytery at the bishop’s reception before the service.   Sandra participated in the service itself, the only woman on the chancel with the leadership from the other denominational judicatories in northeast Florida.  The service was very well attended and the folks that Sandra and I met were delightful.  The neatest part for me was connecting with others in the body of Christ who have connections in their own faith traditions with whom I have worked in other presbyteries.  It is nice to have friends in common even as you make new friends.

On Friday I drove back to the southern part of the presbytery to attend the first ever “352 Friday Night” gathering at First Pres in Ocala.  Youth groups, high school and middle school alike, from all of the churches in the 352 area code came together under the leadership of Christian Antwi, Scott Stuart, Vicki Sumner and Brian Johnson, to share fun, food and fellowship in a connected way.  I spoke with some of the parents and leaders of the groups and noted that the kids were sitting in a variety of groupings around tables, not just with their own group from their home church. The activities were lively, the music and worship was good and the hope is that this effort will continue in 352 and perhaps inspire others to do the same.

On Saturday, I was back in St. Augustine early to attend the annual gathering of the Presbyterian Women of the Presbytery of St. Augustine, again at Memorial (which, for at least two weeks is presbytery central as we gathered there again on Saturday for our winter presbytery meeting.  They even awarded me an honorary parking pass.)  The PW gathering was lively as always and I saw so many of my new and dear friends there.  I brought greetings on your behalf but then they honored me with an Auggie award and I was touched.  The work they have done with the Little Dresses for Africa project is nothing short of astounding and I am a big fan of that project.  It was even featured on the presbytery’s page in the Mission Yearbook this year.  As it was last year, the PW gathering is one of the highlights of my service to the larger church and to you.

And on Sunday…..I rested.  There was, after all, a presbytery meeting to prepare for and I needed to restore my energy.  My soul had already been restored, thanks be to God.

Peace and grace,


Meet General Assembly Commissioner Elizabeth Mitchell

Elizabeth Mitchell is one of our ruling elder commissioners to the 221st General Assembly to be held in Detroit this June.  This article is the first in a series about our elected commissioners.

Elizabeth Mitchell

By: Sheldon Steen, Pastor, First Presbyterian Church of Jasper, FL

Elizabeth Mitchell was born in Ft. Hood, TX and was raised in White Springs, FL. She and her husband Ryan Mitchell have one child, James (age 7), and they live in Jasper, FL.  She graduated from Hamilton County High School in Jasper in ’01 and attended Florida State University where she graduated with a degree in Social Work (’04).  She has been working as the School Social Worker at Hamilton County High School since ’07.

Elizabeth was not raised Presbyterian.  She spent a good bit of her life as a self-described “church nomad,” having worshipped in many congregations throughout her life.  She never quite felt at home in any one church and was not sure if her beliefs aligned with her a particular denomination.  What she appreciates about that experience is wide breadth of expression in worship that she was privileged to participate in.  She says it taught her that we can worship God in many ways and what matters is less about how we worship, but simply that we worship.

Elizabeth first became involved in the Presbyterian Church in Jasper as a teenager through her involvement with the youth group.  As she matured in her faith she became more and more curious about what it meant to be a Presbyterian.  As an adult she felt a strong desire to join the church but wanted to research more about the Presbyterian Church and its theology.  After much study and prayer she knew that she was ready to join and discovered that she had been Presbyterian all along without realizing it!  She became a member of First Pres. in Jasper on the same day her son James was baptized.

More than anything, the sense of family is what drew Elizabeth to the church.  She says she found an openness there and she knew she could call on anyone in the church in a difficult time and they would be there.  And they were!

Since joining the church in ’07 Elizabeth has been involved in the ministry of the church in many capacities.  Because her passion and gifts in music she joined the choir and is now the choir leader.  She has served on or been chair of multiple committees, teaches Sunday School, coordinates the annual Christmas Program, and was ordained as a Ruling Elder in 2011.

Serving as a Commissioner at General Assembly this summer makes Elizabeth both incredibly excited and a little nervous.  She strongly believes in the structure and governance of the PC(USA) and, believe it or not, is a pretty big fan of the Book of Order! She relishes the opportunity to be a part of the process of moving the church forward while remaining faithful God’s word and God’s purpose for the church.

Elizabeth understands that this is a difficult time in the life of this denomination and this Presbytery but values the gift of worshipping together as brothers and sisters even when we disagree.  She is eager to worship with other ruling elders and teaching elders from across our denomination, while prayerfully discerning God’s future for the church to further God’s kingdom.

Last, but certainly not least, Elizabeth is an avid football fan.  Most Saturdays and Sundays in the fall she can be found losing her voice while watching the Broncos and the Seminoles.

Yes, I Do Like Presbytery Meetings (and Why)!

By: Sandra Hedrick, Stated Clerk



When I was first on the session of South Jacksonville Presbyterian Church in the 1990s, there was a man on the session who knew the Book of Order inside and out.  When a sticky question came up, the pastor would turn to him and say “Don, what does it say?”  Sometimes, Don would come to the meeting with handouts containing detailed interpretations of a particular point.  He was very passionate about getting things right, and I was amazed by him.  I did not like it when people teased him!

During that same term on the session, I remember that whenever the question came up of who would attend a presbytery meeting, everyone acted like it was drawing the short straw to have to go.  Following their cue (even though I had never been to a presbytery meeting), I avoided it.

Years later, when I was on the session again in the mid-2000s, our pastor Vince Kolb encouraged me to go.  Everything I had heard before that prepared me to be very bored.  But it was the opposite.  I liked the meeting!  I was inspired by worship – not necessarily the liturgy or the sermon (though they were wonderful) – but the visible unity of God’s people and the sound of their precious voices in song and prayer.  At the breaks, I shyly began to get to know some other Presbyterians who were not from my own church.  They were SORT OF like the Presbyterians I knew, but they were also different.

Besides worship (my favorite part), I was most engaged by individuals who were invited to talk about their calls to ministry.  Some were candidates for ministry, and others were pastors who had just begun calls at particular churches.  I hung on every word. 

It was not too long after my first presbytery meeting that I left my home in Jacksonville and began to attend Columbia Theological Seminary.  My days as a full-time lawyer were put behind me, and my kids were grown up.  My husband was patient and encouraging.  There at school, I entered a brave new world of learning how to be a disciple in community.  I discovered more about that while serving as interim pastor at First Presbyterian, Jasper.  I am still learning so much every single day.

Yes, I do like presbytery meetings.  I hunger for our worship together.  I love talking with sisters and brothers from around the region and nurturing our relationships.  I know that our ministries are encouraged even as our patience is sometimes tested.  If you drive with someone else to the meeting, the wide ranging conversation in the car can be special as well.  There are so many more things I like about the meetings, but I won’t go on and on!

I was very shy as a little girl, but it turns out that I am a relational person.  I don’t prefer sitting at the stated clerk’s desk, because I can’t mix and mingle very well during the meeting.  But I do crave seeing everyone together: the body of Christ in visible unity.  And I might be wrong, but it seems like people are most engaged during worship and when individuals come to the front of the room and share about their senses of call.

Our meeting materials for the upcoming meeting are on our website (or will be shortly) If you have any questions or have any corrections, please call me on my cell phone (904-612-9766) or send me an email (

May God bless you and all of our ministries to the service of our Lord Jesus Christ – today and in the days to come. Thanks be to God!

Alexandra (Sandra) Hedrick

Stated Clerk, Presbytery of St. Augustine

Report from Jamaica – Housing Ministry

By: Drew Marshall

This January we sent a team of 22 volunteers to Kingston, where they addressed several mission tasks (dental work, facilities, and housing).  Due to various factors, there were just two volunteers available to build the house that was planned, and the recipients’ church provided one Jamaican worker to join them.

After worship on Sunday, a visit to the home site was arranged and up an overgrown path, behind a precarious wall fashioned from rusty sheets of tin, a tiny house sat next to a freshly poured 18’ x 25′ concrete foundation. Upon it was a stack of 2×4’s and other building materials.  There they met the recipients.

The Andersons are an elderly couple with a mentally handicapped son who were living in a small decaying house that has not had secure roofing since the last hurricane, allowing water to stream in every time it rained. Whenever Pastor Drew asked her to describe aspects of their living conditions she wept, and it was heartbreaking to hear her stories.

The housing team set out on a rainy Monday to begin work and on the way the sign of God’s promise, a glorious rainbow, seemed to be landing upon the sign at the edge of the Hope Flat Community where the home was to be constructed and their spirits were lifted.

Gathering at the site, Rev. Davidson of the King’s Gate United Church was asked to lead a prayer of consecration in between raindrops, then work commenced.  By the end of the third day the walls were up but the roof was not started.

The 4th day our JEMM partners located 2 skilled workers to assist the team, and the roof framing was up by the end of the day. Late Friday Rev Jermaine Gibson, JEMM director, led a moving prayer of thanksgiving and blessing and a secure, dry home was delivered to a grateful family just after dusk.

It is amazing what God can do with prayers, a pile of materials, and faithful servants – Thanks be to God!


Old Roof New Roof
Old roof New roof
Beginning Jobsite Nearly finished home
Beginning jobsite Nearly finished home
Rainbow in Hope Flat Matt Sumner
Rainbow at Hope Flat Matt Sumner, 1st Gainesville and Drew Marshall, Grace Gainesville with Gloria & Vincent Anderson at their new front doorway.
Prayer of Consecration Prayer of Blessing and Praise
Prayer for Consecration Prayer of Blessing & Praise


Meet Our Ministers – Earle Sickels

By: Sandra Hedrick

Earle Sickels


Say hello to Rev. Earle Francis Sickels, the first of our ministers (church members, pastors, deacons, ruling elders, and staff) who will be interviewed in this new column:

Earle is in “active retirement” as the pastor of Calvin Presbyterian Church, a small but mighty church in the Englewood area of Jacksonville.  He and his wife Lee live in Riverside Presbyterian Apartments.  They have five children: three live in Florida, one in Chicago and one in Cleveland. They also have 13 grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

Earle was not always a Presbyterian pastor.  He grew up in Cleveland and graduated from Kent State University in 1952 with a B.A. in Chemistry and Biology.  His first job out of college was in the chemistry lab at the Ravenna Arsenal.  

When the arsenal was closed down, he began working in the development lab at the Glidden Company in Cleveland, Ohio and then with a small family owned company in Bedford, Ohio. After twenty years, that company was sold.  Earle and Lee soon relocated to a warmer climate, where he worked for an Ocala, Florida paint company.

Earle and Lee had been active in a UCC church in Ohio, but when there were no UCC churches in the Ocala area, they joined the Silver Springs Shore Presbyterian Church, where Bud Armstrong was pastor.  Through the voice of his pastor in Ohio and his new pastor in Florida, God’s calling to ministry became louder and harder to ignore.  In 1992, Earle began classes in Orlando at Columbia Seminary’s Extension Program.  Eventually, after much prayer, he and Lee decided that he should retire from the paint company and go full time at Columbia in Decatur.

Earle graduated in 1996 and began serving McRae Presbyterian Church in McRae, Georgia. After his mother had her second stroke, they moved to Ocala, and Earle was asked to serve as a stated supply pastor at Bethlehem Presbyterian Church in Gainesville until August 2008.  That is when Earle retired again and moved to Jacksonville, where he currently serves at Calvin Presbyterian Church.

The Meals on Wheels program is another one of Earle’s passions.  It serves meals to seniors in our community who need them every day. In 2012, he agreed to serve as the Meals on Wheels Coordinator.

What excites Earle about the ministry is seeing people grow in their faith and their commitment to Jesus Christ, and to help people help each other.  He feels that church fellowship is so important to getting through the struggles of everyday life in this changing society.  This connectionalism is what drew him to the PCUSA originally and keeps him going in spite of the divisions he sees ahead of us.

When asked about the advice that Earle would give to the younger generation, he says, “don’t give up on the church.  It is the hospital for sinners in which all of us are in need of some healing.  And Jesus Christ is the great healer.”

Earl shares that he not only hopes – but he prays – for the future of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) – that in spite of our differences we do not separate from each other, but learn to live together.  Peter and Paul did not see eye to eye on many things but they continued to work to bring the kingdom of God to God’s good creation.

If you would like to correspond with Earle after reading this story, he can be reached at



Installation of Charlie Rumpel

On Sunday afternoon, January 19, 2014, Rev. Charlie Rumpel was installed as Pastor of Weirsdale Presbyterian Church (WPC).  Rev. Dr. Gabe Goodman, Moderator of the Presbytery of Saint Augustine, welcomed everyone to the service.  WPC Ruling Elder Betty McEuen led the Responsive Call to Worship and offered the Invocation.  Edd Norris, Ruling Elder at nearby Silver Springs Shores Presbyterian Church (SSSPC) led us in the Unison Prayer of Confession.

Rev. Alan Cummings in his sermon implored us as Disciples of Jesus Christ to humbly walk with the Lord and to reach out to others with loving kindness, justice and mercy.  Rev. Rumpel responded to the constitutional questions asked by Rev. Dr. Goodman with affirmative answers.  The congregation affirmed the constitutional questions asked by Clerk of Session Sue Cordle.

Rev. Rumpel and the Congregation were charged by Rev. Terry Robertson, former WPC Pastor. The Commission then welcomed him as the newly installed pastor of Weirsdale Presbyterian Church.  Rev. Rumpel then celebrated Holy Communion and afterwards thanked our Triune God for sending him to WPC, his wife Elaine for 39 wonderful years of marriage, the congregation for supporting him and calling him and the commission members for their contribution to the service.  After he pronounced the benediction, there was a time of joyous celebration in the fellowship hall.

Rumpel 1

 Rumpel 8