Dear friends in service to our Lord Jesus Christ,  The word is Stewardship, and it is such a wonderful word with such a bad reputation. I have been told more than once, “We don’t do the ‘S’ word.”  I have often wondered why that is, because the concept of being a steward of God’s creation, of tending to the earth that God has entrusted to us, is such a powerful image.  It evokes covenant and care, great responsibility and great reward, and a strong understanding of the relationship God wants to have with us.   I love the word stewardship and am grateful to GodRead More →

By: Diane St. John, Ruling Elder at First Presbyterian Church, Lake City, Florida Elizabeth (Betsy) Clarisse was born and raised in central New York State, the youngest of 5 children, and has a dual degree (History and American Studies) from the State University of New York at Brockport. Married since 1986, Betsy and her husband Bruce have 3 children. Daughter Megan, 24, is a graduate of the University of West Florida and resides in Pensacola. Daughter Amy, 20, attends the University of Central Florida in Orlando. Son Jared, 22, lives in Lake City with his parents. Bruce’s job as an engineer has taken the ClarisseRead More →

“I Have No Limitations Now As To Where I Can Offer Pastoral Care” I was asked to write a short message about retirement. Well, in the year and one month that I have been retired, this is the first letter I have written. This pretty much sums it up! Just kidding. In preparing for retirement, it is first best to give you some important ideas that I somehow did correctly and that Dee and I think are important. When you see your retirement on the horizon, you will want to decide that a few things need to be done before that date. First, set aRead More →

Greetings neighbors and friends in the community that is the Presbytery of St. Augustine, in the name of the one who has brought us into covenant relationship together, Jesus the Christ! We had a conference call, preliminary meeting last week with all of your commissioners and delegate to the 221st General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).  I am afraid I did most of the talking but this was orientation and it’s always hard to have a conversation on a conference call, but it was a good meeting nonetheless and these seven servants of the church are making their plans to be in Detroit onRead More →

Please read this important message from Orange Park Presbyterian Church… OPPC will be hosting a special inspirational program on Thursday, March 20 beginning at 7:00 p.m. in our sanctuary. We welcome a team from the faith-based organization “Apple of God’s Eye” in Nepal, including founders Silvio and Rose Silva from Brazil. This program was started to attack the problem of Nepalese girls taken into India as slave prostitutes and today operates a network of homes, prevention projects and a school in Nepal, serving survivors of human trafficking, their siblings and high risk Nepali youth. You will hear stories about the many children who have grownRead More →

By: Patti Phillips, Presbyterian Women Moderator Our Annual Gathering of Presbyterian Women was held at Memorial Presbyterian Church in St. Augustine, Florida.  How appropriate to meet in this historical church and city.  We were welcomed by Susan Delpit, PW Moderator of Memorial Church and Dr. Dudley Weaver, Pastor. Rev. Amy Lehr Camp, Parrish Associate greeted Presbyterian Women “who traveled from the North and from the South…from the East and from the West” as “Daughters of the Light.”   Two hundred seventy-three women joined to worship together.  Though it was cold outside our “Abiding Hope” through the Ages warmed our hearts and souls.  We responded withRead More →

By: Terry Robertson, Pastor of Faith Presbyterian Church I arrived at Faith Presbyterian Church the first Sunday in January to start my supply pastor stint.  Shortly after my arrival, due to the generosity of one of our members, renovations began on the sanctuary.  The walls were painted and the ceiling was sealed; the windows were sealed and caulked inside; the pews were refinished and reupholstered.  We also shortened two pews to accommodate wheelchairs.  The only items left before we can begin worshipping in the sanctuary again, is the carpet replacement and resetting of the pews, which should take place before March 7th.  We plan toRead More →

Dear friends and fellow servants of the Lord, Greetings in the name of the One whom we serve together in this time and place, Jesus the Christ! We are in the midst of conversation in our church, the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).  That is a good thing and a state that we should always be in together.  Conversation.  Our polity is clear that we are a reformed people, always being reformed anew by the power of the Holy Spirit, and the way that God reforms us is through our holy conversations.  We are the people of God, the children of God, whom God so loved thatRead More →

This article continues our series on our General Assembly Commissioners – Andy Gans grew up in Baltimore, Maryland with his parents and two siblings.  While growing up, Andy and his family were not very consistent in their church attendance due to his mother’s battle Multiple Sclerosis.  Andy’s appreciation of faith and church came whenever he visited his grandmother who was at church whenever the doors were open.  Andy’s college selection sent him to Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.  Following college, he worked in television for over ten years as a news and sports photographer for NBC and ABC.  While working in television, he alsoRead More →