Alisun photoHere I am on January 1, 2014, hiking the San Felasco trails.  Jack and I had a wonderful walk in the woods in the rain.  It gave me time to begin thinking about all that has been and to hope for the possibilities of all that is to
come.  As I go “out on a limb” to find a new future, I want to say thank you to the colleagues and friends who supported me and shared in my ministry. You have
been kind and generous of spirit and I have learned much from you. Thanks too to Nancy Brown and members of the staff who served with me over the past thirteen years. It has been a interesting journey!

May God continue to bless the ministry of St. Augustine
Presbytery and may God continue to bind us together in

Alisun Donovan
(Mission Coordinator, Associate Executive Presbyter, Interim Executive, et al)