By: Terry Robertson, Pastor of Faith Presbyterian Church

I arrived at Faith Presbyterian Church the first Sunday in January to start my supply pastor stint.  Shortly after my arrival, due to the generosity of one of our members, renovations began on the sanctuary.  The walls were painted and the ceiling was sealed; the windows were sealed and caulked inside; the pews were refinished and reupholstered.  We also shortened two pews to accommodate wheelchairs.  The only items left before we can begin worshipping in the sanctuary again, is the carpet replacement and resetting of the pews, which should take place before March 7th.  We plan to re-dedicate our sanctuary at our 11:00 AM worship service on April 6th.  Ruling Elder Steve Benz, our Transitional Executive Presbyter, will be the guest preacher.  We will celebrate the Lord’s Supper and also premier “Glory to God,” our new Presbyterian hymnal. Please consider this an invitation to join us in worship that day.

We have been meeting in Neale Hall (our fellowship hall) during the renovations. Our worship is very relaxed, as we sit around the tables, sip our coffee, eat our snacks and worship together.  As some of you may remember, Neale Hall is where we began worshipping, before our sanctuary was built, so our members are accustomed to worshipping in that space.

In addition to the sanctuary renovations, we are also doing a major cleanup of all the classrooms and storage areas of the church.  We are excited to have our renewed place of worship and learning.  Let me also say that I am discovering that Faith Presbyterian Church is a “small church with a big heart.”  Our church has in the neighborhood of 50 members and our Presbyterian Women made 60 dresses for Africa this year.  We are also very active in a local cooperative ministry – Lake Area Ministries – and we support Montgomery Presbyterian Center.  We are constantly looking for ways to make God’s presence known in the Keystone Heights and Melrose communities.  Please pray that we continue to make a difference here where God has planted us. 

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