By: Herb Ramsdell, Moderator, Disaster Assistance Commission

Almost a year ago, I met with Presbytery Staff to discuss how we might resurrect the St. Augustine Presbytery Disaster Assistance Commission (SAPDAC). The Presbytery staff combed through emails and records to pull out any information they could find on the previous commission. In the spring of 2015 they pulled together a small cadre of interested people and Kathy Broyard, Emergency Management Specialist at FLAPDAN, put on an initial training session. The Presbytery Staff continued working and we now have a fully staffed commission of eight Teaching Elders and eight Ruling Elders.

We are currently working to establish response protocols that will ready commission members to come along side Pastors and Congregations in the St. Augustine Presbytery who may become overwhelmed by natural or manmade disasters. To that end, the Presbytery has been divided into seven regions and contact persons have been established in each region. All of this information will be made available to you soon so you will know what region you are in and who your contact persons on the commission are.

As we continue to build our structure and response protocols, we will keep you informed of what we will be able to offer you should the need arise. May we always be able to show the love and compassion so wonderfully demonstrated by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.