Strategic Issues Committee

This committee develops and proposes new strategies to address identified presbytery opportunities and issues by:

  1. Assuring that the key strategic initiatives approved by the presbytery from time to time are being prioritized and addressed through financial and operational plans;
  2. Reviewing and monitoring performance to existing plans – both strategic and operational;
  3. Monitoring the finances and operations of the presbytery to identify issue and opportunity area that are not being adequately addressed; and
  4. Working with the Coordinating Council to revise plans and reallocate resources to achieve desired end results.

The Strategic Issues Committee consists of three members of the Coordinating Council, (with one appointed as the chair). The Relationship Coordination Director serves in an ex-officio role. The Coordinating Council may also appoint some of the Area Relationship Coordinators as ex-officio members of the Strategic Issues Committee.

Patti Phillips (RE), Chair
Vickie Bossuot (TE)
Edd Norris (RE)
Ex-Officio – Chris Lieberman (TE)