The Member Preparation and Call Commission is empowered to:

  1. Guide, nurture, and oversee the process of becoming a teaching elder for persons in the care of the presbytery, including actions with respect to inquirers, candidates, and final assessments;
  2. Examine and admit to membership all persons seeking membership in the Presbytery of St. Augustine, and approve calls and terms of call for those it examines;
  3. Provide a Pastor Nominating Committee liaison to congregations in transition;
  4. Approve temporary membership in the presbytery for a period of service;
  5. Approve and conduct ordinations and installations of teaching elders and commissioning services for commissioned ruling elders;
  6. Recommend exceptions and accommodations to requirements of the Book of Order regarding ordination, installation of a temporary pastor or associate as an installed pastor, and any other action requiring a super-majority vote of the presbytery;
  7. Provide a liaison to congregations searching for temporary pastoral service;
  8. Approve contracts and terms of call for temporary pastoral service;
  9. Dissolve teaching elder and commissioned ruling elder relationships when requested by the teaching elder/commissioned ruling elder and the congregation;
  10. Approve the retirement of teaching elders;
  11. Approve validated ministries of teaching elders;
  12. Certify ruling elders as ready to receive a commission and approve commissions of ruling elders to particular pastoral service;
  13. Recommend the annual teaching elder roll for approval by the presbytery; and
  14. Recommend presbytery action relating to a teaching elder’s renunciation of jurisdiction or release from ministry as a teaching elder, and take all actions preliminary to the presbytery’s final.


Craig Davies

Class of 2019

Violet Asmuth (RE)
Mary Brown (RE)
Steve Crowley (RE)
Carol DiGiusto (TE)
John Diller (TE)
Jessi Higginbotham (TE)

Class of 2020

Bob Bell (RE)
Craig Davies (TE)
Mark Hults (TE)
Rhonda Link-Cummings (TE)
Kathy McLean (TE)
Mary Beth Neely (RE)
Cathy Sanders (RE)

Class of 2021

Les Comee (TE)
John Darby (RE)
David Goetke (RE)
James Kendrick (TE)
Rebecca Langer (TE)
Joy Laughridge (TE)
Joe Medearis (TE)
Kathy VanderVliet (RE)

Member Preparation and Call Commission Policies

  • Certified Christian Educators
  • Counseling Guidelines for Church Pastors
  • Equal Employment Opportunities
  • Guidelines for Collegial Relations
  • Mission Study Task Force
  • Pastoral Care Network
  • Relationship with Pastoral Counseling Centers
  • Scholarship Support for Pastoral Counseling
  • Policy Regarding Seminary Indebtedness
  • Services of Installation/Ordination For a Minister of the Word and Sacrament
  • Validating the Ministry of Continuing Members

Minimum Effective Salary
Effective 09/18/18, the presbytery approved a two percent (2%) increase to the effective salary portion of our minimum terms of call ($43,000 to 43,860).
Pastoral Nominating Committees

  • Role of Pastor When a Church Searches for an Associate Pastor
PNC Sample Letters