Leadership Development and Care Committee

Leadership Development and Care Committee. This committee takes over where the Member Preparation and Call Commission leaves off. Its purpose is to support congregations, mission partners, ruling elders in leadership positions, and all of our teaching elders (wherever they serve) by:

a. Seeking to understand the needs of Presbytery leaders in both church and other ministry roles for teaching elders and council/committee/team leadership roles for all elders;

b. Offering role definition, preparation, orientation and training for specific leaders as they assume new roles in the presbytery;

c. Helping to develop and supporting leaders in congregations and validated ministries and Certified Christian Educators;

d. Supervising and supporting ruling elders commissioned to particular pastoral service;

e. Providing ongoing training and support during each leader’s service in the presbytery; and

f. Offering informal advisory help and formal counseling support to all leaders, including leaders who have issues being effective in their role in the presbytery.

The Leadership Development and Care Committee shall consist of at three members, including the committee chair appointed by the Coordinating Council from among its members and the chairs of the Training Team (six members) and the Problem Resolution Team (six members). The teams shall elect their own chairs (and may elect vice-chairs). The teams shall report to the committee, which shall organize them so that they may carry out all of the purpose and functions of the committee. The committee shall also appoint Training Program Ad Hoc teams and provide for counseling resources for the presbytery and its leaders.

Leadership Development and Care Committee
Larry Green, Chair


Leadership Development and Care Committee Teams

Training Team

Class of 2020
Jim Black (TE)
Jerie Lukefahr (RE)               
Class of 2021
Bob Shettler (TE)
Natasha Sudderth-Davis (TE)           
Class of 2022
Ralph Moulder (RE)
Debbie Pangrass (RE)


Problem Resolution Team

Class of 2020
Ron Stanley (RE)
 Class of 2021
Barbara Bishop (RE)
Marcia Graham (TE) 
Walter Laseter (RE) 
Class of 2022
Conley Zomermaand (TE)