Donate to the Candidate’s Fund

Can you help replenish the “Candidate’s Fund” we use to support our seminary students? Each year, the Presbytery of St. Augustine welcomes and enrolls members of our congregations who are discerning God’s call to ministry as a Minister of Word and Sacrament (Teaching Elder). As we nurture and support them through our Call Commission, many of these individuals pursue seminary education, which is at least a three-year commitment. At that stage, our support includes scholarships to help with tuition and expenses. We have some funds in our annual presbytery budget for this, but we rely in large part on the “Candidate’s Fund” which is replenished several times a year with offerings given at installations, ordinations, and when ruling elders are commissioned to serve in pastoral service.

This year we were unable to replenish the fund as much as usual, and it is down to its lowest balance in years. If God is calling you to help rebuild this fund, please use the button below to give any size donation.

And if reading this message is making you interested in the process of discernment to ordination as a Teaching Elder, please reach out to Sandra Hedrick or Chris Lieberman. We would love to share more!