If you are interested in learning more or would be interested in having Edi speak in your community, please contact Eduart Demo directly at (206) 414-2502, or contact Becca Gillespie at (904) 583-8884 or bgilluminate@yahoo.com.


The founder of the Illyricum Movement Albania, Eduart Demo (Edi) and his family are traveling to Florida in late September and early October, and are seeking out churches where they can share their incredible ministry of planting healthy and local Christian churches in Albania.  Edi and his family (wife and 11 and 14 year old sons) are traveling on faith and would need accommodations. 

The Illyricum Movement Albania was born out of the immediate need for planting and establishing healthy, local Christian churches among Albanians for the first time in history after more than 550 years of darkness. (Romans 15:19) Modern-day Albania is part of what was known as Illyricum during Bible times.

The Illyricum Movement Albania full-time staff is Albanian with a Muslim background before conversion.  Their focus is to plant and establish healthy local churches among Muslims.  After almost 6 centuries under Islam, then 50 years in communism, Christianity was re-established in 1991.   Albanian Christians consider themselves first-generation Christians.  The Christian church in Albania is dominated by young believers with the average age being 25 years old.  The Church is young but growing and the mission philosophy and strategy is unique because they speak from a Muslim background. The country is open to hearing about Jesus and Edi has been able to plant five churches so far based on a seven-year model. He and his staff meet needs in a community building relationship and develop leadership from those relationships so that by the time the next church is ready to open, the previous one is self-sustaining.  

Becca Gillespie’s church (Fuquay Varina Presbyterian Church in North Carolina) recently returned from a mission trip to Albania and witnessed firsthand the power of the ministry.