Laurie Ordination

By: Kathy McLean 

Joy, movement, bread and wine, a beautifully delivered sermon on being clothed with Christ, the sound of maracas, bells and the sound of water flowing in the healing garden under the light of a full moon, filled the service of worship and installation of Rev. Laurie Furr-Vancini as the Associate Pastor for Nurture at Palms Presbyterian Church on Sunday evening December 15th!

We celebrated with the congregation their decision to enter into this covenant relationship with Laurie and charged both Laurie and the congregation with words of their giftedness and their responsibility to each other and the world. This poetic, creative, prophetic, faithful and joy-filled servant Rev. Laurie, sent us home with a beautiful benediction around the flowing fountain, and we all left with gratitude for the mission set before us all as the body of Christ!