The purpose of the Presbytery Council is to coordinate the work of the presbytery, its entities and staff, and to discharge any other responsibilities assigned to it by the presbytery. It also serves as a standing commission to address matters that arise between meetings of the presbytery and require immediate attention.

The membership of the Presbytery Council consists of the moderator of each presbytery committee or commission, the Moderator, Moderator-elect, and Moderator-in-Nomination of the presbytery; the moderator of Presbyterian Women; the commissioners to the Synod of South Atlantic elected by the presbytery; the president of the presbytery corporations; and eight persons elected at-large from the presbytery.

The Presbytery Council is moderated by the immediate past moderator of presbytery. The stated clerk of the presbytery serves as clerk for the council. The stated clerk, executive presbyter, and mission coordinators are advisory members with privilege of voice but not vote.

Council Membership


(TE) Ralph Moulder,Council Moderator 

(RE) Jeff Welch, Moderator

(TE) Mary Mickel, Moderator Elect

Vacant, Moderator-in-Nomination

Committee/Commissions Moderators:

(TE) Rhonda Link-Cummings, Synod Commissioner

(RE) Carol Graff, Presbyterian Women

(TE) Joe Rigsby, Nominating & Representation Committee

(RE) Yvan Kelly, Synod Commissioner

Vacant, Disaster Assistance Commission 

(RE) Diane Watkins, Mutual Mission

(TE) Charles Freeman, Committee on Preparation for Ministry

(RE) Kristie Hall, Committee on Ministry

(RE) Kimberly Hyatt, Board of Trustees

(RE) Jodi Dodge, Administration & Finance

(RE) Shirley Mergan, Examinations Commission

(RE) Cindy Anderson, Permanent Judicial Commission

(TE) Glenn Dickson, Montgomery Executive Operating Board

Members at Large:

’17 (TE) Jesse Perry

’17 (TE) Ina Boyd

18 (TE) Vickie Bossuot

’18 (RE) Robert Nellson

’18 (RE) Anne Poole

’18 Vacant

’19 (TE) Joe Albright

’19 (RE) Andrea Mogg Jacque

Council Subcommittees [to be updated]

Bills and Overtures:

Carol Graff
Bob Nellson
Jesse Perry 

Worship & Meeting Planning:

Carol Graff
Rhonda Link-Cummings (Chair)


Vickie Bossuot
Ina Boyd
Yvan Kelly
Jon Lovelady (ad-hoc)
Mary Mickel (Chair)
Ralph Moulder
Jeff Welch 

Review and Evaluation:

Anne Poole