The responsibilities of the Committee on Preparation for Ministry are defined in G-2.06 of the Book of Order. In addition, the committee seeks to provide resources for the ministry areas of the presbytery as defined in section 1.04 of the Manual of Operations, especially in the area of Forming Missional Leadership. The Committee on Preparation administers the presbytery’s policies on “Candidate Support Fund Offerings” and “Authorization to Transfer Candidates.”

The committee consists of fifteen members, with ruling elders and teaching elders in roughly equal numbers.


Charles Freeman, Moderator
Edd Norris, Vice-Moderator

’17 (TE) Hunter Camp

’17 (TE) John Diller

’17 (TE) Bruce Hedgepeth

’17 (TE) Rebecca Langer

’17 (RE) Edd Norris

’17 Vacant

’18 (TE) Mark Hults

’18 (TE) Janice Clark

’18 (RE) Robert Lombard

’18 (RE) Violet Asmuth

’18 (RE) Randi Hamner

’19 (TE) Charles Freeman

’19 (TE) Kathryn McLean

’19 (RE) Belinda Newhart

’19 (RE) Lou Venson

CPM Handbook

Advisory Handbook on Preparation for Ministry

CPM Process Flow Chart


Forms Used in the CPM Process

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Assessment Tools

Discerning Your Call and Your Gifts for Ministry of Word and Sacrament

Covenanting with Inquirers and Candidates – A Background Paper


CPM Policies

Sexual Misconduct Policy and Procedures

Sexual Misconduct Receipt



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