The presbytery’s Nominating and Representation Committees are responsible for nominating presbytery officers (such as the moderator), committee/commission members, and commissioners to the Synod and General Assembly. They meet several times a year to identify current and future presbytery leaders. Congregations and pastors are encouraged to submit suggestions to the chairperson, the stated clerk, or the transitional executive presbyter. You will also find on this page a form called “Opportunities to Serve” which lets us know of your interest to serve the presbytery in particular ways.


Joe Rigsby, Moderator
Darren Bess, Vice-Moderator

’16 (TE) Darren Bess

’16 (TE) Alan Cummings

’16 (RE) Ruthanne Reiss

’17 (RE) Alfred Christopher

’17 (TE) Do In Kim

’17 (TE) Joe Rigsby

’18 (RE) Cindy Christian

’18 (RE) Wayne Flowers

’18 (RE) Patti Phillips



Use this form to express interest in a presbytery leadership role.

Opportunities to Serve (write-in version)

Opportunities to Serve (type-in version)*
       *PDF “fillable” document – always save before closing (and send saved document)