The six-member Administration and Finance Committee provides oversight, planning, and management of the funds and properties owned by the Presbytery of St. Augustine, Inc. and the Montgomery Presbyterian Conference Center, Inc., subject to the direction of the presbytery.  It prepares the annual operating budget for the presbytery and recommends it to the Presbytery Council.  It receives and communicates to the presbytery the annual operating budget for Montgomery Presbyterian Conference Center. The committee provides for periodic training for congregational treasurers. In all its efforts, the committee seeks to provide financial and administrative resources to all the ministry areas of the presbytery. The committee administers the presbytery’s Investment Policy.


Moderator, Jodi Dodge

’17 (TE) Jonathan Lovelady

’17 (TE) Holly Inglis

’18 (TE) Amy Hunt 

’18 (RE) Will Wheeler 

’19 (RE) Jodi Dodge

’19 (TE) John Ragsdale

(RE) Chuck Atkinsmember ex officio 


Committee Resources

Revised 2017 Approved Budget
(Spring Stated Meeting)

2017 Approved Budget

2016 Approved Budget

2015 Approved Budget

2014 Approved Budget

2013 Approved Budget

07-17 POSA and MPCC Financial Statements