The Trustees serve as the trustees of the Presbytery of St. Augustine, Inc. and of Montgomery Conference Center, Inc., under the provisions of G-4.0101 of the Book of Order. They recommend annually to the presbytery at its Winter Stated Meeting the election of the president of the corporations. The president may not be the current moderator of the presbytery or moderator of the Presbytery Council.

The Trustees serve as a commission of the presbytery to consider and decide requests for approval and/or guarantee of loans to congregations under the provisions of the Book of Order.  They also consider and decide requests to sell or lease property held in trust by congregations, subject to the exceptions granted by the presbytery.  The process for considering approval for church loans and property sales is defined in the policy, “Loan Guarantee and Property Sales Approval between Meetings of Presbytery.” The Trustees may, at their discretion, forward to the presbytery a loan guarantee request that might benefit from the consideration and vote of the whole presbytery. The Trustees shall further be guided by the presbytery’s policies on “The Purchase and Sale of Property for New Church Developments” and “Title Transfer of New Church Development Sites.”

There are nine members of the Board of Trustees, as nearly equally divided as possible between ruling elders and teaching elders.


Kimberly Hyatt, President

’17 (RE) Mary Mickel

’17 (TE) Larry Neal 

’17 (TE) Earle Sickels

’18 (TE) Kimberly Hyatt 

’18 (TE) Cynthia Montgomery

’18 (RE) Al Tidball

’19 (TE) Steve Goyer

’19 (RE) Geoff Spiegel

’19 (RE) James (Jim) Yancey